Admerex Solutions, Inc seeks to go above and beyond client satisfaction by consistently making a positive impact to the management of the client’s customer life cycle–starting from new customer acquisition to debt recoveries and until customer care and support.

Automation and Analytics

Powered by an advanced CRM technology, Admerex provides UNA (useful, necessary and accurate) reports powered by our rigorous analytics system. The system organizes unstructured data, while our collaborative tools produces automated actionable reports that improves both business processes and financial returns.

Chatbot Development

Innovate communication lines between you and your customers. Admerex offers a customizable and accessible automated chatbot, that can be added to your website or social media pages to enhance customer experience, filter product queries, and focus on important sales leads.

Consultation Services

A collaboration with Admerex can help provide a best-in-class customer service through a HICC (high-quality and customer-centric) solution. You can depend on our decade-long experience to help you towards increased revenue and market share, improved customer segmentation strategies, and optimized business processes.

Credit Verification

Admerex analyses applicant information to assist banks in deciding the approval or disapproval of an applicant’s new account request.

Customer Services

Admerex is experienced in customer service. Calls about your products and services will be routed to us, and our agents will assist and resolve the concerns of the customers. We deploy high caliber agents to handle all customer demands.

Debt Recoveries

Admerex manages over US$1B worth of customer obligations. Admerex helps improve the delinquency rates of its clients by executing proven and tested strategies, tailor-fit to their requirements.

Fraud Monitoring

With our improved technology, we are empowered to trace suspicious activity, false identity, irregular transactions, and transaction frequency. Admerex takes proactive steps to shut down fraudulent activity for you and for your customers’ peace of mind.

Receivables Management

Admerex takes pride as go-to brand to help clients manage its receivables. Providing innovative ways to reduce outstanding balance. We empathize with customers and maintain good relations for harmonious transactions in the future


Admerex expertly delivers its telesales and direct sales solutions through a comprehensive suite of integrated techniques designed to grow existing revenue, retain valuable customers, and target new markets. We know how to market your products and services feel essential in improving the Filipino lifestyle.

Seat Hosting

We have around 500 available seats shared between our various sites. Admerex aims to do their part in aiding up-and-coming businesses reduce their infrastructural costs by leasing office space. Fully equipped with industry-standard IT infrastructures and fully furnished facilities. Start today and Experience Happy with us!

Workforce Services

Admerex understands that “people are everything.” As the backbone of every service, they are the lifeline that drives innovation. We ensure that our flexible and scalable recruitment solutions provide greater costs predictability, efficient recruiting process, and improved candidate pool. Looking for your brilliant teammates need not be a hassle.

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